Nexus Copy Number 8.0 Has Arrived!

The most comprehensive tool for producing copy number results from whole genome sequencing (WGS), whole exome sequencing (WES), or targeted panel NGS data.

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A comprehensive genomic software.

It is the world’s most comprehensive tool for genetic data analysis and management for clinical labs, designed to improve both productivity and patient care.

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Nexus Copy Number

Elegant UI & powerful, statistical tools.

Nexus Copy Number software offers simple yet powerful tools for copy number (CNV) and sequence variation analysis and visualization from aCGH, SNP array.

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April 16 – 20, New Orleans, LA, American Association...

Come see us at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting! We'll be in booth #1221!


BioDiscovery releases Nexus Copy Number 8.0 with cutting-edge...

Nexus Copy Number 8.0 is derivation of copy number from NGS results. BAM (pooled reference), detects...

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An Automated Approach for Enforcement of ACMG Standards and Guidelines For CNV Analysis

Learn how NxClinical uses Variant Interpretation Assistant (VIA) for efficiency and consistency in reporting.

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ASCAT Algorithm

Learn what the ASCAT algorithm does and how it accounts for complications of aneuploidy, tumor heterogeneity, and contamination from normal cells in tumor sample analysis.