Educational Webinar Series – Copy Number Analysis and Its Application to Genomic Research: Data QC, GC Wave Correction and Mosaicism

This is the second webinar of a new educational series where we go from the very basics of copy number analysis to more advanced analysis topics. Fundamental concepts such as copy number measurement methods, quality assessment, and different approaches/algorithms used for detecting copy number changes and allelic events as well as unique complications encountered in different applications will be presented. Today’s webinar will cover the following three mini-courses:

  1. Data QC – learn about the different quality measures, how the quality score is calculated, and how to determine what is a good quality score.
  2. Systematic bias correction (GC wave correction) – identifying systematic biases in your data, different correction approaches, and when and how to apply such correction methods.
  3. Mosaicism and its effect on aCGH measurements – what is mosaicism, how to identify it, and how it affects the calling algorithms

Audience This webinar is geared towards those who want to learn the fundamentals of copy number variation analysis.

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