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With a continued focus on customers, BioDiscovery moves from a sales and support departmental structure to a holistic team filled with Customer Success Managers.

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During my 30 years in the Biotech field, I have worked for giant companies (>50,000 employees) and tiny ones (<10 people). The technologies have advanced at light speed and I cannot imagine a more exciting field or a more interesting time to be a part of it. When I look at all these changes and compare the differences between success or failure; growth versus stagnation; market domination versus irrelevance; some common denominators emerge. Continual improvement and customer focus are what leads to success and survival. In evolving times, we must change but never lose sight of our end goal. Every business exists to serve its customers and if their needs change so must we.

We serve the clinical market by providing tools that enable our Customers to review the mutational background of their patients so they may decide the appropriate approach to advise and care for their patients. All clinicians need to find the right answer – what is causing their patients’ disease and how can they most effectively treat it? With the surge of genomic information flooding into public and private databases, daily publications about new discoveries, new correlations between genes and mutations, and the resulting impact on disease progression and treatment, it is difficult to keep up with the constant flood of information. Technology platforms change rapidly, new genome builds are made available and clinical guidelines are updated and revised regularly, new software tools become available constantly – how do our customers decide what should be adopted to help them do their jobs better?

In our mission to serve our customers better, we have expanded our support team and will continue to do so. In addition to adding more people, we have clarified their roles and refocused the entire team to be Customer Success Managers. Their focus is on helping customers be successful by facilitating upgrades, providing continual training, linking to the most current databases, listening to our customers’ needs, and providing feedback to the BioDiscovery development team to improve our software to address those needs. We think this approach will bring us closer to our customers and strengthen our relationships.

BioDiscovery exists to serve our customers around the globe and have a positive impact on patient care.

Dan Clutter, PhD.

VP of Sales, BioDiscovery

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