Topic: Cancer Research

Automating Genomic Scar Analysis For HRD

Current tools for assessing HRD status are limited to targeted detection of point mutations in HR genes predicted to be causative of HRD or cannot detect abnormalities across the entire genome. NxClinical software can help resolve this limitation by providing a genome-wide scarring approach coupled with integrated SNV analysis of HR genes that may reveal critical insights to tumor biology.

A first-of-its-kind clinical research genetics knowledgebase: Accelerate your case review with NxClinical

The newest version of NxClinical fills a critical role—it solves the two conventional software problems identified within this blog—with its integrated Knowledgebase (KB) module. This first-of-its-kind database feature can dramatically simplify a lab’s interpretation, reporting process, and standardization while enhancing the consistency of each case report.

How are systematic correction files used for correcting probe values?

A while back we discussed what systematic correction is and how the files are created to apply this to your data. As a follow up, today we'll explain how the content of systematic correction files are used.

Customer publication: functional analysis of CNA in sporadic colorectal cancer showcases Nexus Copy Number's statistical analysis tools

Most are well-aware of Nexus Copy Number’s strengths in detection of copy number from different technologies and this often overshadows the many other powerful features of Nexus Copy Number. A recent customer publication illustrates nicely the power of these additional analysis tools. Here I’m going to walk through a recent customer publication highlighting the areas where the authors used these powerful research tools available within Nexus Copy Number.