Topic: Nexus Copy Number

Paired Analysis

Understand what strategies can be implemented to distinguish between CNA and CNV when performing paired analysis to obtain more accurate results.

Where Did My Probes Go?

When first loading and processing results on Nexus Copy Number, an error may occur. Learn how and why to apply systematic correction to fix this error.

Gene Ontology Enrichment: Which Pathways or Processes are enriched in my data set?

Gain a better understanding of the specific pathways and processes that may be targeted by copy number alteration for whole genome and specific regions.

How to obtain the number of tests performed for multiple testing when using the Comparisons tool in Nexus Copy Number

Learn this little trick to obtaining the number of tests performed for FDR correction when using the comparisons tool in Nexus Copy Number.

Diploid Recentering: When, Why and How

Since cancer frequently undergoes copy number changes it is important to run a quick check to validate if the the “normal” areas normal. Learn more!