BioDiscovery has been a pioneering leader in the field of genomic software tools for cancer research and clinical reporting.

BioDiscovery is providing a comprehensive set of translational genomic software that span the spectrum from basic research to clinic.

Cancer Research

BioDiscovery’s leading Nexus Copy Number software along with Nexus Expression, NexusDB, and TCGA Premier provide the genomic research community with a comprehensive set of sophisticated yet easy to use software tools for analysis and visualization of large number of genomic data along with clinical features.

Clinical Cancer Reporting

NxClinical software, designed to meet the pressing needs of clinical genetic testing labs has inherited many features and capabilities from its sister products used in cancer research to make it a unique solution for clinical cancer testing labs. These include analysis methods developed to work with stromal contamination and heterogeneous samples, artifacts due to sample ploidy, and leveraging knowledge from the TCGA Premier database.


NxClinical is a comprehensive genomic software, improving productivity and consistency in clinical labs.

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Nexus Copy Number software offers simple yet powerful tools for copy number variation (CNV) analysis and visualization from aCGH, SNP array and next-generation sequencing (NGS) data.

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Nexus Expression software allows users to quickly perform gene regulation analysis from RNA-Seq and microarray data.

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Searchable reference data that can be integrated with your own Nexus projects, Nexus DB is an invaluable resource and included with all Nexus Copy Number subscriptions.

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Curated CNVs, Sequence Variants, Simplified Access.

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ImaGene® 9.0 offers optimal performance with the broadest and most refined features available today. Through proprietary machine vision technology, ImaGene® 9.0 delivers the highest quality data and most powerful automation to quantify, normalize and analyze your experiments.

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