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Trio analysis in NxClinical – Heritable retinal dystrophies in the Costa Rican population Case Study

NxClinical software facilitates trio and familial analysis with rich concurrent visualization of trio samples down to the single base level as well as numerous filters for compound events and inheritance based filtering.

Clinical Conversation - Ingrid Simonic: Optimizing and Consolidating Multiple Testing Strategies to Increase Efficiency with Increasing Testing Demand

We spoke with Dr. Ingrid Simonic, Deputy Director, Medical Genetics Laboratories, Cambridge University Hospitals, UK, about optimizing and consolidating multiple testing strategies to increase efficiency with increasing testing demand.

NxClinical Software Increases Efficiency in the Reporting Process at CombiMatrix | Invitae

NxClinical software significantly improves efficiency and turnaround time at CombiMatrix, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, and provides the laboratory a robust system for data management, analysis, and interpretation of genomic changes.