BioDiscovery provides the most comprehensive solutions for analyzing, managing, and visualizing genomic data to assist labs to be more efficient and consistent in their clinical reporting workflow.

The American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) recommends chromosomal microarrays as first-tier clinical diagnostic test for individuals with developmental disabilities or congenital anomalies. Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) based testing is also expanding the ability to provide additional genetic information that can help in clinical diagnosis and management of diseases. Together, these technologies are being applied to a range of constitutional conditions as well as oncology. High-quality and high-performance software solutions are an essential component of clinical genetic laboratories.


NxClinical is the most comprehensive software solution for cytogenetic and molecular genetic laboratories utilizing microarray or NGS based tests. The system provides an integrated workflow from raw data to clinical interpretation assistance, to reporting that is easily customizable, efficient, and scalable to meet any lab’s needs regardless of size, throughput, or technology. With a clinical focused design, it offers multiple levels of automation as well as extensive audit trails to ensure consistent and high quality reporting.


NxClinical is a comprehensive genomic software, improving productivity and consistency in clinical labs.

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