Can we combine data from different array types in Nexus Expression?

Nexus Expression supports data from multiple different vendors and platforms. But unlike Nexus Copy Number, in Nexus Expression you can only load one array/platform type in a single project.

You can combine data from multiple projects as follows:

  • After doing a comparison in one project, click on “Export Diff. Ref.lists” and save this file.
  • Open the exported file and delete the first column with header=Probe and save the file as a tab-delimited text file. Nexus Exp will try to match the probe-ids if the Probe column exists and since you will be adding to a different project the probe-ids will not match.
  • Open the second project and go to the Probes tab and click on “Add Probe List” and select the edited file. This will create a new column with values up/down for matching Gene symbols. You can sort by this column to look for genes commonly regulated between the two projects.

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