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ImaGene® 9.0 offers optimal performance with the broadest and most refined features available today. Through proprietary machine vision technology, ImaGene® 9.0 delivers the highest quality data and most powerful automation to quantify, normalize and analyze your experiments.

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Simple User Interface

Advanced Quality Control Parameters

Patented Segmentation and Contamination Removal Algorithm

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ImaGene Features

Spot & Array-Level Quality Control

ImaGene® 9.0 will automatically analyze every spot and the array itself to determine the quality of the array image or individual spots, minimizing the need for laborious manual inspection of tens of thousands of spots, allowing users to have confidence in the reported measurements.

Spot Finding & Grid Placement

Patented and efficient algorithms automatically thread a grid through each data point, performing thousands of calculations per second ensuring optimal placement and alignment.

Quantification Accuracy

Proprietary algorithms and processes are used to automate a precise segmentation process, discriminating between signal, background and contamination, ensuring the highest quality experimental data. This unique feature can even salvage contaminated spots by automatically removing artifacts that statistically do not match the signal or background intensity profiles.

Flexible Automation Features

Highly flexible in providing automated features requiring limited user interaction and manual features for asserting more user control when needed

One-Button Batch Processing

The optional batch-processing module enables rapid, completely hands-free processing of any number of images. This easy to use feature brings new efficiency to high-throughput environments where large numbers of arrays are processed each day. And, to keep check on workflow, an intuitive progress window shows you where you are along the way.

Easy To Use Interface and Navigation

ImaGene® 9.0 continues a tradition of an intuitive design that is easy to learn to use and is similarly easy to navigate. With tabular formats and sliders, creating and managing settings is as simple as a click of a mouse.

Interactive and integrated

With interactive and integrated tabular and graphical data views, ImaGene® makes it is easy for you to see the correlations between images and related data with a wide variety of interactive plots (histogram, box, scatter, GenePie and M-A plots).

Ready To Use Templates

Templates are ready for many commercial arrays including Agilent 244K, 4x44K, 44K arrays and Exiqon’s miRCURY LNA™ microRNA Arrays

System Compatibility

ImaGene® 9.0 is platform independent as it is available for Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems; is compatible with broad variety of microarray types (staggered/orange packing, protein, aCGH, etc.) from a large number of manufacturers as well as home spotted arrays.

Scanner Independent

Works with all scanners including Tecan, Agilent, GenePix (Axon), Perkin Elmer, Innopysis, and more

Analysis Modules

Flexible options in ImaGene® 9.0 can provide: multiple data normalization options including lowess on entire array; sub-grid or control spots; differential regulation analysis and visualization using Nexus Expression-Lite; and statistical aCGH analysis and visualization using Nexus Solo.

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Able to handle and process data from all commercial platforms.


Optimum usage of computing.

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