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El Segundo, CA – BioDiscovery was voted as a Top 10 Genetic Diagnostic Company by Heathcare Tech Outlook.  The company earned this award based on its novel integrated approach to clinical genomic analysis.


"BioDiscovery is viewed by many as the Gold Standard for CNV calling from microarray or NGS platform."

"Not all clinical labs use the same platforms or equipment manufacturers so our software can take in data from almost any platform."


A Novel Integrated Approach to Clinical Genomic Analysis

Since the advent of advanced genomics, and the subsequent rise of automation, the data generated in clinical testing and research sees a 100 fold increase each year. Professionals in the field are having a tough time dealing with this rapid proliferation of data. This has made the storage, security and management of patient data quite a daunting task for companies to mine the data to find the factors that drive a patient’s disease. That’s where BioDiscovery comes in. Their flagship solution NxClinical, is a unique software tool for integrated analysis of copy number, sequence variants, and allelic changes obtained from multiple technologies. The solution combines NGS and Array data through advanced mining and filtering techniques which allows the data to be clear and digestible for clinicians. 

“Our customers need speed, accuracy, and up-to-date knowledge. We have been refining our software for 20 years to be the best tool to assist in making these important decisions,” mentions Soheil Shams, the president and CEO of BioDiscovery. The company’s NxClinical software flags important variants and prevents them from being filtered out and thus invisible to clinicians. The phenotype can be linked to the genotype so that the most significant variants and genes rise to the top. Next, the software allows this information to be displayed in context with parental data and all the cases that the clients have seen previously.

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