Nexus Copy Number™

Offering simple yet powerful tools for CNV analysis and visualization from aCGH, SNP array and NGS data.

Why Choose Nexus Copy Number?

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Nexus Copy Number is a multifaceted desktop software for rapid discovery of genomic alterations. The interactive visualization and powerful statistical tools allow detection of structural variations (e.g. copy number, homozygous regions), association with sequence variations (point mutations, InDels, inversions, etc.), and identification of statistically significant co-occurring up/down regulated genes (from mRNA, miRNA, and RNASeq data).

The new version allows users without bioinformatics expertise, to easily import BAM files to visualize/analyze copy number as well as LOH and allelic Imbalance events. Learn more.

Features & Benefits

Identification of cooperating events, enrichment analysis, and clustering

Comparisons between genomic profiles to identify statistically significant differences

Analysis and visualization of multiple samples in parallel – no bioinformatics expertise required

Supports data from Affymetrix, Agilent, Illumina, OGT, etc.

Detection of copy number from aCGH and SNP arrays

Copy number and BAF estimation from NGS (WGS, WES, targeted panels)

Integration of mRNA, miRNA, sequence variants, methylation and copy number changes to identify genomic hotspots

Query for region/gene across multiple projects from GEO and TCGA via Nexus DB repository

Integrate phenotypic and genomic data to uncover significant correlations

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System Requirements:
32-bit Platforms Supported: Windows Win2k/WinXP/Win7 • Minimum: 1.0 GHz Pentium, 1 GB RAM • Recommended: 2.0 GHz or faster, 2 GB RAM
64-bit Platforms Supported: Windows/OSX/Linux • Minimum: 2 GB RAM • Recommended: 4 GB RAM

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