Nexus Expression

A new take on gene expression analysis.

Nexus Expression Benefits

Platform Independent Solution

Support for all commercial and custom platforms – RNA-Seq or microarray

Efficient Processing

Hundreds of samples can be processed in one project, and is efficient even on a basic desktop computer.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed for end-user researchers, not informaticans. No programming knowledge necessary.

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System Requirements:

32-Bit Platforms Supported: Windows Win2k/WinXP/Win7 Minumum: 1.0GHz Pentium, 1GB RAM Reccomended: 2.0 GHz or faster, 2GB RAM

64-bit Platforms Supported: Windows/OSX/Linux Minimum 2 GB RAM Reccomended: 4GB RAM

BioDiscovery Benefits

BioDiscovery provides a full line of modular software packages.


Able to handle and process data from all commercial platforms.


Optimum usage of computing.

Acute Sense of Fitness for Purpose

Usefulness to our community of users.

These products empower Biologists and Geneticists with sophisticated, yet highly usable tools to analyze and interpret their data and draw meaningful conclusions.