NxClinical 6.0

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To maximize your review with gold-standard CNV calling from any NGS or microarray platform.

As an established genomic software leader BioDiscovery's NxClinical has always offered a comprehensive, case-review solution. Through our latest upgrade NxClinical remains platform agnostic with the ability to import genomic data from any microarray or NGS platform allowing your lab to remain flexible to costly technology changes in the future.

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To increase the speed of review use the new Variant Details Tab for easy-to-read key information about a variant in a single display.

New feature - Variant Details Tab

BioDiscovery's NxClinical already offers users a wide variety of views based on the needs of an individual sample. These standard views include: whole genome-wide, nucleotide-level, a segmented view where variants can be analyzed as separate tracks and tables, as well as the option to instantaneously visualize previously reported results. 

With the latest upgrade to NxC users will gain access to the new variant details user interface which pulls together relevant information from various sources and presents it in a single, well-structured view allowing for quick and confident interpretation of a variant - allowing you to speed up your review and get results out faster.


To boost the quality of decision-support use your internal Knowledgebase and cancer profiles to compare similar abnormalities and efficiently report on highly complex cases.

New features - Knowledgebase and Cancer Profiles

The new integrated Knowledgebase feature in NxClinical can assist in the collection, organization, and use of knowledge from your own constitutional or oncology case history to create consistent interpretations and reports. While the cancer profiling feature provides enhanced support for cancer cytogenetic testing - allowing the creation of genome-wide CNV and AOH “profiles” in the knowledgebase and the ranking of new cases based on similarity to these established cancer types.

These two features empower the user to take each sample review one-step further while preventing the need for lengthy, timely research that ultimately delays reporting.

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