NxClinical is a comprehensive genomic software, improving productivity and consistency in clinical labs.


NxClinical Benefits

NxClinical is a revolutionary new solution for case review and reporting. It is the world’s most comprehensive tool for genetic data analysis and management for clinical labs, designed to improve both productivity and patient care.

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Lab Efficiency

By using our reliable, rigorously validated technology for the analysis of genomic data, clinical labs can improve overall lab efficiency with our real-time searchable database. Our lab-developed automated and customizable workflows help to reduce overall turn-around-time for clinical reporting.


High Quality Patient Care

Labs no longer need to worry about missed pathogenic calls, or repeated manual calling of a common non-pathological event as “benign” or “artifact”. With NxClinical, the VIA (Variant Interpretation Assistance) system can be used as a secondary review to support event interpretation.


Through our revolutionary and unique real-time comparison review, labs can maintain even better uniformity in reporting. NxClinical ensures consistency in reporting, and compliance to both local SOP’s and regional guidelines (e.g. ACMG, CCMC).

Consistent Reporting

Reports generated can be customized for institutional requirements and the NxClinical system can be accessed both locally and remotely through secure communication.

Ease Of Use

As genetic testing equipment evolves and new technologies are implemented, your lab can maintain consistency using NxClinical which is platform agnostic to access patient data for fast, accurate, and consistent clinical case review.

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NxClinical Features

NxClinical offers a unique “end-to-end” view for case management, from raw probe data through to variant classification and reporting, automatically building a case history of all samples analyzed in the laboratory. Features include:

Responsive Interface

Extremely responsive interface that is scalable to many thousands of samples with no reduction in performance.

Advanced Variant Interpretation Assistance (VIA) System

Our unique VIA system is a customizable technology that permits your lab to configure and automate your classification algorithms. Using the VIA system to apply validated rules, the lab’s interpretation and management of genomic events remains consistent and in compliance with both local and regional guidelines (e.g., ACMG, CCMC).

Expansive Database Access

Real-time access to previous patient cases to assess familial or regional profile similarities stored in the local lab database, plus real-time access to public databases such as the DGV and OMIM®. NxClinical can be accessed remotely by multiple users to accommodate larger institutional and multi-site facilities.

Scalable Technology

The scalable technology underlying NxClinical permits interface with a variety of LIMs systems, and the ability to access patient cases remotely through the client-server interface.



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Technology Agnostic

Ability to review data from all technologies (BAC Array, Microarray, NGS) and major vendors including (Affymetrix, Agilent, and Illumina). The configurable interface ensures accurate and consistent reporting, legacy case review, and the ability to confidently update lab testing systems without changing rules for genetic interpretation.

BioDiscovery Benefits

BioDiscovery provides a full line of modular software packages. These products empower Biologists and Geneticists with sophisticated, yet highly usable tools to analyze and interpret their data and draw meaningful conclusions.


Able to handle and process data from all commercial platforms.


Optimum usage of computing.

Acute Sense of Fitness for Purpose

Usefulness to our community of users.

These products empower Biologists and Geneticists with sophisticated, yet highly usable tools to analyze and interpret their data and draw meaningful conclusions.