BioDiscovery provides a complete set of user-friendly yet sophisticated analytical products for genomic research.


For over 17 years, BioDiscovery has pioneered sophisticated analysis and visualization software for genomic research. These products have been used by top scientists and institutions around the world to produce ground-breaking discoveries and high impact publications in top journals with varied domains including cancer, neurological disease, agriculture, and inter-species comparative genomic analysis.

DNA Copy Number and Structural Variant Analysis

Nexus Copy Number software has been the recognized leading software for comprehensive analysis and visualization of DNA copy number data obtained using various technologies including aCGH and SNP microarrays as well as targeted, whole-exome, or whole-genome sequencing. The software’s efficient design enables it to be uniquely capable of analyzing data from studies as large as tens of thousands of samples. Sophisticated built-in statistical analyses coupled with initiative graphical display enable researchers to rapidly explore and mine vast amounts of data in minutes. Nexus Copy Number software also allows integration of smaller structural variant data, such as mutations and InDels, as well as gene expression data to provide a comprehensive integrated genomic analysis of large cohorts of samples.

mRNA and miRNA Analysis

Nexus Expression software has been designed to provide a very easy to use interface to analyze and visualize a large amount of mRNA and miRNA data (arrays and RNASeq) along with various clinical factors. It provides quick tools for filtering, identifying differentially expressed genes or miRNA and rank affected biological pathways. Furthermore, it integrates with Nexus Copy Number software to mine regions for differential expression patterns that are in areas of copy number variation.

Curated and Public Access Knowledge-Bases

Nexus DB cloud based collaborative database works in conjunction with Nexus Copy Number software to allow disparate labs across the globe to be able to share data and conduct joint research efficiently. It provides various levels of access control, sophisticated queries and a wealth of publically available data obtained from public resources such as GEO and The Cancer Gene Atlas (TCGA) portal. The premium access TCGA Premier database is accessed via Nexus DB. Obtained from raw TCGA data, this manually curated data consists of copy number, structural variant and mRNA expression data along with detailed clinical data for over 6000 cancer samples and can be used directly or can augment research studies.

Spotted Array Image Analysis

ImaGene, the pioneering spotted array image analysis software with patent features for automatic identification and segmentation of images can be used on a range of products including miRNA arrays from Exiqon, as well as various protein and peptide arrays. The software supports 16-bit TIFF images generated by any industry conforming scanner.


Nexus Copy Number software offers simple yet powerful tools for copy number variation (CNV) analysis and visualization from aCGH, SNP array and next-generation sequencing (NGS) data.

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Curated CNVs, Sequence Variants, Simplified Access.

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Searchable reference data that can be integrated with your own Nexus projects, Nexus DB is an invaluable resource and included with all Nexus Copy Number subscriptions.

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Nexus Expression software allows users to quickly perform gene regulation analysis from RNA-Seq and microarray data.

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ImaGene® 9.0 offers optimal performance with the broadest and most refined features available today. Through proprietary machine vision technology, ImaGene® 9.0 delivers the highest quality data and most powerful automation to quantify, normalize and analyze your experiments.

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