Take advantage of customizable, project-based consulting, and exploit the full potential of BioDiscovery products.

BioDiscovery Consulting Group is an advanced team of scientists and experts who will work directly with you on your project, from initial study design through to complex data analysis. This is often the most cost-effective way to maximize precious research resources and time.

BioDiscovery offers fee-based consulting services including Jumpstart Services to help you get your team off to a quick start with the BioDiscovery products anywhere in the world.

For more information on Biodiscovery’s consulting services please contact us.

Service  Description
Data Analysis Services Detailed analysis and data exploration.
Study Design Create efficient and robust experiments that maximize the likelihood of positive results, create data for serendipitous insights, and minimize re-work.
Nexus JumpStart Getting Started” package from installation, initial user training, loading data sets, and basic analysis (includes Introduction class – either Nexus Copy Number for Cytogenetics or Nexus Copy Number for Research – Fundamentals).
Upgrade Services System upgrade planning and execution, along with data migration, for new versions of BioDiscovery software. Includes a “what\’s new” training session.