BioDiscovery®, Inc. offers various educational and training courses designed to offer a solid understanding of the computational challenges and solutions in the area of DNA Copy Number analysis and Gene Expression analysis.

In addition to classroom style training, courses are usually combined with an extensive hands-on session so participants can apply the theories to their own practical computational challenges. Participants are encouraged to bring their own data for analysis during the hands-on sessions of some courses. This allows a unique opportunity to consult with the instructors on analysis of their own data and obtain further analytical guidance specific to their needs.

If you would like to schedule an on-site course, please contact us.

 Class  Content  Who is it for?
Nexus Copy Number for Cytogenetics Creating projects, loading and processing array data, looking at copy number calls, creating reports, basic analysis. Those performing CNV analysis using CGH or SNP arrays in a cytogenetic setting.
Nexus Copy Number for Research – Fundamentals Basics of CNV/LOH analysis including data loading, processing, visualization and downstream analysis. Use of numerous tools including clustering, comparisons, enrichment, interactive Kaplan-Meier plots to find meaningful insight into data.  Genetic researchers with studies involving multiple samples, using one or many array platforms as well as those new to CNV analysis.
Nexus Copy Number for Research – Advanced Review of advanced statistical techniques (GISTIC, ASCAT), optimization of parameters, customization, and finding patterns in complex data sets. Extensive use of case studies and attendee’s own data. Researches with complex data sets, or researchers who want a thorough understanding of statistical methods.


“The course was very informative and well demonstrated by the instructors. I wish these kinds of courses in the near future too. Now I am eager to run my data soon.”

Showket Hussain :: Post Doctoral Fellow MD :: Anderson Cancer Center

“Very useful for learning basic Nexus functions and adapting personal data to view in Nexus. The hands-on portion solidifies the details with personal attention for problem solving.”

Mona Jahromi :: Lab Technician University of Utah :: Huntsman Cancer Institute

“I’ve been using Nexus for almost 1 year now. Coming to this course showed me more powerful ways to explore my data, with more confidence and without wondering, am I missing something.”

Shawn Anderson :: Research Scientist :: The Laboratory for Advanced Genome Analysis, Vacouver Prostate Center

“I enjoyed the training course and learned a lot about the different functionalities of Nexus. The instructors are very knowledgeable and patient to answer questions that I had. I never used Nexus before the training course but after it I can start to analyze real data immediately and had a lot of questions cleared, saved me a lot of time from reading the manuals.”

Jing Ma :: Bioinformatics Research Scientist :: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

“A very comprehensive presentation with hands on training. Presenters are very knowledgeable. Nexus is easy to learn and process data fast…”

Kwong-Kwok Wong :: Associate Professor MD :: Anderson Cancer Center