Genomic Data Analysis Products

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Nexus Copy Number™

Accelerating Copy Number Analysis Research

Nexus Copy Number™ software is a desktop application that simplifies genetic aberration analysis with an elegant and simple user interface, efficient processing for rapid and automated analysis of thousands of arrays, and a flexible design that accommodates many user preferences.

Nexus DB

A valuable addition to Nexus Copy Number

With direct integration with Nexus Copy Number, Nexus DB is a Cloud based highly scalable global repository, users have an unprecedented power to query for samples across projects they own or part of collaborations and consortiums. Provide a limitless off-site backup and storage area for the results being generated by the user.

Nexus Expression™

A new take on microarray gene expression analysis

Nexus Expression™ is a new addition to our Nexus line of products for microarray data analysis. Nexus Expression™ is a solution that is computationally very powerful but simple to use by scientists for answering common research questions. Our design objectives for this package have been the same as our very successful Nexus Copy Number™ product.


Spotted & Two-Color Microarray Image Analysis

Leading-edge image analysis software with patented technology for automated grid-finding, spot-finding, and segmentation to ensure highest quality results.