If you are looking for product updates or the latest installations for our products, please contact support for download / update instructions. Automatic update functionality is also available in select products, such as ImaGene and Nexus. Product user manuals can be accessed from within the respective software application by selecting “User Manual” from the Help menu. Annotation file downloads for different genomes and builds for Nexus Copy Number and Nexus Solo

Nexus Copy Number/Nexus Solo Organism Downloads

Data from any organism can be visualized and analyzed within Nexus Copy Number and Nexus Solo. The product installation by default only comes with Human and Mouse genome annotations. Below is a list of other organism files available. As we generate new files, they will be added to the list below. If you do not see your organism below, contact BioDiscovery Technical Support and we will assist you in generating files for your organism. To use one of the organisms below, download and unzip the organism file into the “Organisms” folder of your Nexus Copy Number or Nexus Solo installation directory. Each zip file contains various genome builds. Once the files have been unzipped, restart Nexus so that the new organism will be displayed in the “Create Project” window.