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NxClinical Homepage Overview_Jan 21

This session 18-minute session, hosted by Piran Shelley, Customer Success Manager, is a basic introduction to the NxClinical system with the main focus on the home tab and its layout. It will cover the various query limits that can be set from the filter drop down lists (e.g. Sample Types, Phenotypes, etc.) as well as how to query for samples based on name, attributes, processing dates, etc.

We will cover the basics of how the load, duplicate, delete functions work as well as the multi-sample view. Finally, we will cover the information that can be seen for each sample including the hyperlinked sample type and processing type, the various QC metrics visible, and how to edit sample attributes and get more information from the sample info window.

At the end of this session, the attendee will know how to perform relevant queries to quickly locate samples, understand all the fields in the query results, and how to get more information about a sample.