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Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is mainly used to obtain sequence variants (SNVs) however, there has been a movement in research and clinical fields to also obtain copy number variants (CNV) from this NGS data.

Nexus Copy Number provides a new method, BAM (pooled reference), to streamline the process for analyzing copy number and allelic events from whole genome sequencing (WGS), whole exome sequencing (WES), and targeted panel NGS data.

Analyzing NGS Data For Copy Number Events_Whitepaper Cover PageDownload our white paper to learn:
  • How this new algorithm obtains both copy number and allelic events from NGS data (unique and exclusive to Nexus Copy Number)
  • Why this Read-Depth method is the most reliable and efficient means to extracting copy number information out of NGS data
  • How the algorithm compares to other CNV estimating algorithms such as CoNIFER and XHMM

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