New NxClinical feature The ACMG Scoreboard

The most recent version of NxClinical, the leading copy number variation (CNV) analysis software for clinical cytogenetics and molecular labs, now includes an integrated ACMG guidelines scoreboard feature.

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Say goodbye to extra clicks NO EXTERNAL TOOLS REQUIRED

The ACMG scoreboard provides a formal reasoning structure that standardizes CNV event classification and ultimately helps reduce errors in classifying events by eliminating the need to use external tools.

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fewer benign variants to investigate with AUTOMATED PRE-CLASSIFICATION

In addition to using the scoreboard as a stand-alone guideline, this new feature can also be coupled with NxClinical's popular automated variant pre-classification decision tree to pre-classify events. This allows analysts to quickly sort through the events on the table and prioritize for review.

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Read more about how the new ACMG scoreboard can refine your genomic case review.

📰Hello, ACMG scoreboard. Goodbye, external calculator tools.

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30-minute webinar

Rapid implementation of the latest technical standards with the NxClinical integrated ACMG scoreboard

Presented by: Amber Boys, Senior Medical Scientist in the Division of Genetics and Genomics at the Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VCGS), Melbourne

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