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It’s been non-stop traveling for several BioDiscovery members as we are currently exhibiting at the AMP meeting in Salt Lake City after just returning from a productive trip to the Far East. BioDiscovery inked a deal with Be Creative Lab (Beijing) Co. Ltd. where Be Creative will be the sole reseller and distributor of BioDiscovery products in China.

Be Creative is a clinical genetic testing center in Beijing, China, providing diagnostic support for a number of hospitals. Be Creative has been very pleased with performance of NxClinical software and is now going to be bringing the robust, integrated genomic variant analysis, interpretation, and reporting tool to other labs in China. Be Creative debuted NxClinical 4.0 at the Clinical Applications Conference which focused on comprehensive application of SNP-Array, NGS and other technology platforms to enhance clinical diagnostics. The conference, hosted by Be Creative, brought together 200 clinical genetics experts. BeCreativeChinaConference.jpg

Dr. Soheil Shams and Dr. Zhiwei Che, BioDiscovery, spoke about the company and the new NxClinical 4.0 software. With data analysis as the biggest challenge facing clinical genetic testing right now, NxClinical 4. 0 is poised to bring about major change to the labs in reducing costs, increasing accuracy, and providing results faster. The ease of use, quick adoption into a clinical lab’s pipeline, and the ability to interpret CNV, AOH, and sequence variants from a single assay makes NxClinical the ideal choice for a growing and modern clinical lab.

Among the many other speakers was Dr. Gordana Raca, Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, and an NxClinical customer. Her talk, “Prospective Application of NGS and Whole Exome Sequencing in Clinical Genetics” walked through the case review process in NxClinical showing trio analysis and the interpretation process followed in her lab and finally touching upon future applications using a single assay to derive all genomic variants.


After the meeting, some BioDiscovery members even got to spend a day sightseeing – a well deserved break before heading back to the US and then to AMP.