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November 23, 2021 - One of October’s headlines in the field of genomics and genetics included the acquisition of BioDiscovery by Bionano Genomics. I spoke with Soheil Shams, President, Founder, and CSO of BioDiscovery and now Chief Informatics Officer (CIO) at Bionano Genomics (a 250 person company and growing), about this interesting marriage between a variant analysis company and a genome mapping provider, and the impact of this acquisition on the future of the genomics market and the clinical setting. BioDiscovery, a 30 person company headquartered in El Segundo, a suburb of Los Angeles, was founded in 1997.

enlightenbio: Congratulations on the acquisition of BioDiscovery by Bionano Genomics. This is an interesting marriage between genome mapping and a clinical analysis solutions company. How do you envision the integration of your NxClinical and Nexus Copy Number solutions with the various capabilities offered within the Bionano Genomics platform?

EB: What can the end-user expect from a combined solution?

Soheil Shams: I honestly believe the two companies are the best fit on multiple levels both from a product and strategic perspective...

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