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The role of a Customer Success Manager in Biotech: customer focus for positive outcomes

With a continued focus on customers, BioDiscovery moves from a sales and support departmental structure to a holistic team filled with Customer Success Managers.

Publication notes superiority of NxClinical software for CNV detection from low pass sequencing

Low Pass Genome Sequencing (LP-GS) for detection of CNVs as a replacement to constitutional microarray analysis. The team evaluated a number of different tools and found NxClinical to have superiority in CNV detection and classification.

From Raw Data to Copy Number Calls – Data processing workflow in Nexus Copy Number

Take a look at how Nexus Copy Number handles the different “Raw Data” and the three steps to analyzing the data.

Comparison of CNV Detection from WES vs. SNP Microarray

WES and SNP arrays detect concordant gene-level alterations. Learn how CNV detection from whole-exome sequencing (WES) compares with SNP microarray.

Review of “Statistical Challenges associated with detecting copy number variations with next-generation sequencing”

Learn more about CNV analysis by reading this review of the challenges with detecting copy number variations with next-generation sequencing.

Notes on Analyzing Affymetrix OncoScan™ Data in Nexus Copy Number

Learn why Nexus Copy Number is the exclusive software solution for the analysis of OncoScan™ data due to its advanced algorithm and ease of use.