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AMP 2020

BioDiscovery will exhibit a scientific poster this year at the virtual AMP 2020 meeting. 

"The five-day AMP event will feature many cutting-edge lectures, corporate-sponsored workshops, and plenary sessions focusing on major areas of clinical molecular diagnostics." 
Poster Information:

A Novel Machine Learning Approach to Characterize Cancer Signatures for Improved Clinical Reporting
Megan Roytman, Viren Wasnikar, Paul An, Ivan Wick, Westley Sherman, Raja Keshavan, Shalini Verma, Soheil Shams
  • See how creation of a 2-D cancer map can be used to classify new samples not based on the location of the tumor in the body but based on the CNV profile. 
Want to learn more?
Watch this demonstration on how to
  • review a cancer predisposition panel using a decision tree to mark events
  • perform a combined CNV and Seq Var analysis.

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