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BioDiscovery introduces a major upgrade to its flagship NxClinical software system

El Segundo, CA, February 8, 2021 –Established genomic software leader BioDiscovery, Inc. has recently released an upgraded version of their comprehensive, case-review solution for cytogenetics and molecular genetics. With a continued focus on being platform agnostic and prioritizing customer feedback, the new release,  NxClinical 6.0, is the company’s 5th major upgrade in the last 6 years. “I am very proud of this latest update to our NxClinical software which contains multiple inter-related functionalities that will provide unparalleled case-review capabilities to our customers,” says Soheil Shams, Ph.D., CEO & Founder. “Due to the complexity and interdependence of specific components, such as the ability to populate Oncology-specific Knowledgebase variant information within the new Variant Details view, the release took longer than we expected. However, the resulting product has received rave reviews from our early access users which has made the effort worthwhile.”

The latest software upgrade comes with a host of new, useful features and improvements (almost 500 in total) including:

  • variant details user interface that pulls together relevant information from various sources and presents it in a single, well-structured view allowing for quick and confident interpretation of a variant

  • An integrated Knowledgebase for CNV and AOH events allowing the laboratory to collect, organize, and use knowledge from its own constitutional or oncology case history to create consistent interpretations and reports

  • Enhanced support for cancer cytogenetic testing allowing the creation of genome-wide CNV and AOH “profiles” in the knowledgebase and the ranking of new cases based on similarity to these established cancer types

All of these features come with expert-level support from BioDiscovery’s global Customer Success Managers.

The 6.0 upgrade has already been made available to existing BioDiscovery early-access customers and demonstrations for new customers are currently being scheduled. If you would like to learn more about NxClinical and how it can help your laboratory detect, display, and decide please visit:

About BioDiscovery, Inc.

BioDiscovery, Inc. is dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art software products for life science research as well as clinical applications. The company’s mission is to enable scientists to eliminate disease and suffering through the application of computational technologies and translating these findings directly and rapidly to clinical use. From its inception in 1997, BioDiscovery has been an innovative leader in the genomics field having introduced the first dedicated commercial software tool for analyzing microarray images. Since then, innovation has continued to be a top priority. BioDiscovery’s passion to make a difference has further extended the company’s reach into creating the most comprehensive enterprise-wide system enabling research findings to translate into clinical applications and make direct impact on patient care. For more information, visit

Please note the following:

The BioDiscovery software tools referenced are designed to assist clinical researchers and are not intended as primary diagnostic tools. It is each lab’s responsibility to use the software in accordance with internal policies as well as in compliance with applicable regulations.

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