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November 18th, 2020





ations to BioDiscovery's CEO, Soheil Shams, who was voted as a Top 25 Biotech CEO of 2020 by TechCEO Magazine. Dr. Shams joins a prestigious group of leaders in the genomics field such as Eric Lefkofsky (Tempus Labs, Inc.), Serge Saxonov (10X Genomics) and Othman Laraki (Color Genomics).

"Today, the growing demand for new technologies such as tissue engineering, fermentation, recombinant technology, and DNA sequencing is expected to magnify the size of the biotechnology industry. With the advanced technologies, it is vital to consider the experts in the industry on how they embrace and implement technology innovations." -TechCEO Magazine

Dr. Soheil Shams is the founder and President of BioDiscovery, Inc. a privately held bioinformatics company established in 1997 and based in El Segundo, California. Under the direction of Dr. Shams, BioDiscovery has played a pioneering role in development of software tools for conducting array-based research and more recently in clinical application of arrays and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in cytogenetic and molecular genetic diagnostics. He has worked with many of the pioneering scientists in genomics research and has authored over 50 technical publications and book chapters and has been recipient of multiple prestigious awards including the HRL Best Published Paper of the Year award.

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