Topic: Cancer

Tutorial: Modern CMA Solutions: New GDA-Cyto and GSA-Cyto SNP arrays with NxClinical (30 mins)

Learn more about this modern CMA from Illumina and its applicability for prenatal, postnatal, reproductive, and cancer genetics in this 30-minute webinar presented by Dan Saul, Customer Success Manager at BioDiscovery.

Tutorial: Cancer predisposition review (combined CNV and Seq var analysis) (25 mins)

This session will demonstrate how to review a cancer predisposition panel using a decision tree to mark events and how to perform a combined CNV and Seq Var analysis.

Tutorial: Dealing with mosaicism (detection and measurement options and functionality) (9 mins)

This session will cover how the whole genome view should be reviewed to detect low level mosaic events that might not have been called. We will also show how to merge mosaic events with many small calls clustered in an area and how to convert an alleleic event into a mosaic AOH.

Tutorial: Overview of Admin Functions (10 mins)

This session will go through the various areas of the Admin tab in an overview fashion to cover all the things the admin can do. For example, will show the Users tab and explains how to create, assign privileges, and inactivate users.