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Watch informative webinars and demonstrations from industry leaders.

See how our products have been used to aid in the clinical and research fields, and to help detect cancer.

Combined Analysis and Interpretation of CNV, AOH, and Seq Var of FFPE Cancer Samples from a Solid Tumor NGS Panel

This webinar is geared towards those involved with genomic variation analysis and interpretation in a cytogenetics or molecular genetics lab.

Challenges and Solutions to Copy Number Estimation from Whole Exome Sequencing in Tumors

This webinar is geared towards those requiring copy number results from low coverage sequencing results (shallow/targeted) and/or from normal coverage WGS/WES results.

Application of ASCAT Processing to Tumor Samples Using Nexus Copy Number

Analyzing copy number variation in cancer tissues can be a difficult task, but Nexus Copy Number can help!

Investigation of the TCGA LAML dataset using Nexus Copy Number

Learn how to identify relevant common events within the TCGA project and how to leverage the clinical information provided for the samples.

Improving Your Research Results – Getting the Most Out of Nexus DB

Get an overview of Nexus DB for querying specific changes to identify recurrent events in other data sets, identifying secondary data sets for results validation, and integration of available data on Nexus DB with your current analysis.

TCGA Premier – Curated CNVs for improved, efficient, and more accurate analysis

Learn how to access and make use of TCGA data, and easily query and analyze data sets, and much more.