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This webinar is geared towards those working with cancer samples and requiring easily accessible, robust copy number and sequence variant data.

The TCGA is an amazing resource with copy number and sequence variant information along with annotations for over 10,000 tumor samples across various cancer types. The processed data (referred to as “Level 3”) is freely available via the TCGA data portal and has already been quite useful in large-scale studies, but has a lot more potential. By manually reviewing and curating this data set, we have dramatically improved the quality and usefulness of CNV information.

What you’ll learn

  • How TCGA copy number data can be improved through manually curating samples.
  • Biomarker results on a per-sample and population-wide basis for a selected cancer type.
  • How to access the data, and easily query and analyze data sets.
  • How to make use of this data in the context of other, non-TCGA datasets.