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BioDiscovery, A Bionano Genomics Company, is proud to participate in the upcoming 47th American Cytogenomics Conference, Hilton Head Island, SC May 15-18, 2022.


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HRD PresentationDecoding Cancer Complexity
Tools for analysis of detected genomic scars associated with homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) continue to evolve. Don’t miss Dr. Soheil Shams’ scientific presentation detailing the development of new genomic scar analysis.

The latest NxClinical software 6.2 release adds three measures of genomic instability for homologous recombination repair deficiency (HRD) in solid tumors:

  • Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH)
  • Telomeric Allelic Imbalance (TAI)
  • Large-Scale State Transitions (LST)
Soheil Shams, PhD
Chief Informatics Officer, Bionano Genomics
NxClinical genomic scar karyotypeLearn More
Partner Presentation
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Collaboration is the driver behind the new Illumina InfiniumTM Global Diversity Array with Cytogenetics Content (GDA-Cyto) coupled with Bionano’s NxClinical analysis software. The GDA-Cyto offers genome-wide coverage at exon resolution across high-value clinical regions enabling laboratories to review cases faster and remain more economical than current workflows. Learn more about this new array platform and software offering during this co-presented ACC exhibitor spotlight.

Daniel Saul and Jackie Hagan
Daniel Saul, Technical Sales Director, Bionano Genomics Jackie Hagan, Product Manager, Human Genotyping Arrays, Illumina


This year BioDiscovery will be joining our parent company, Bionano Genomics, in the exhibit hall to discuss our software solutions for clinical and translational research.


Bionano is one team working together to transform the way the world sees the genome.