Nexus Copy Number

User-friendly and Powerful Statistical Tools

Arming researchers with advanced genomic data analysis and visualization tools. Easy-to-use software provides cutting-edge statistical tools to advance scientific discovery.


Features and Benefits

Identification of cooperating events, enrichment analysis, and clustering
Comparisons between genomic profiles to identify statistically significant differences
Analysis and visualization of multiple samples in parallel – no bioinformatics expertise required
Integration of mRNA, miRNA, sequence variants, methylation and copy number changes to identify genomic hotspots
Query for region/gene across multiple projects from GEO and TCGA via Nexus DB repository
Integrate phenotypic and genomic data to uncover significant correlations
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Why Nexus Copy Number?

1. Copy Number from NGS & Microarray

Powered with the gold-standard CNV calling algorithm, Nexus Copy Number software derives copy number and BAF from a variety of NGS data (WES, WGS, targeted panel, and shallow sequencing) as well as Microarray data.



2. Support for all major instrument vendors for both NGS & Microarray

Nexus Copy Number is a multifaceted desktop software for rapid discovery of genomic alterations. This platform-agnostic software accepts data from various manufacturers and technologies including the latest platforms: Infinium GSA and CytoScan XON.



3. Powerful Research & Statistical Tools

The interactive visualization and powerful statistical tools allow detection of structural variations (e.g. copy number, homozygous regions), association with sequence variations (point mutations, InDels, inversions, etc.), and identification of statistically significant co-occurring up/down-regulated genes (from mRNA, miRNA, and RNASeq data).



Dr. Benjamin Darbro

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Director of Shivanand R. Patil Cytogenetics and Molecular Laboratory, University of Iowa

We are longtime BioDiscovery customers starting with Nexus Copy Number software and now routinely using NxClinical software for interpretation of our clinical samples. NxClinical allows us to analyze CNVs and sequence variants together allowing rapid identification of compound events.


Dr. Matthew Breen

Professor, Genomics, Oscar J. Fletcher Distinguished Professor, Comparative Oncology Genetics

Nexus Copy Number is a powerful tool in our workflow, allowing direct visualization of data from numerous platforms, with a graphical interface that is as appealing as it is informative.


Dr. Yajuan Liu

Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, University of Washington

We have been using Nexus Copy Number and are very happy with it. It allows direct visualization of data from different platforms with informative graphical interfaces. We integrated this powerful tool in our workflow.


Rachael Thomas

Research Assistant Professor, Genomics, North Carolina State University

Nexus Copy Number provides a tremendously versatile means to integrate and interrogate data derived from multiple formats within a single interface.


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